Monday, August 19, 2013

1010Data Vs Hadoop Vs RDBMS

It is tricky to directly compare 1010data with Hadoop since it is an apples and oranges comparison. 1010data is a complete solution while Hadoop is merely one relatively small component of a solution. Hadoop is a data management engine, while a complete solution must also include database development and management, user interfaces, analytics, and so on. To use an analogy, if 1010data is FedEx, Hadoop is a truck motor. The two are unlikely to be viewed as competing options.
A more meaningful line of inquiry is to compare 1010data with a complete Hadoop-based solution, i.e. a system that uses Hadoop as its database engine but that also includes all the other components that comprise a complete solution. Let's then do this, and while we're at it, throw in relational database managers (RDBMS) as well. Green is good, red bad, orange somewhere in the middle.

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